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Zal, a user on RPS replied to an RPS thread on ownership of videogames with a smartly worded “A Modest Proposal” style absurdist parody.

I blame books for this (well and scrolls and tablets and other poorly designed medium)… if they’d been easier to erase, or if there’d just been a way to burn only their LETTERS, we could’ve avoided thousands of years of constant intellectual theft.
But no, they were terribly thought out. They could’ve used inks that faded, or deliberately added cracking schemes, to prevent people stealing their material hundreds or even thousands of years later.

But alas books were the only media available at the time to distribute information, and much like a cd-rom or a punch card it was what was in them that people were after.

Just remember, the harder knowledge is to share and obtain, the better off we all are.
Ignorance is the single strongest wealth generator there is.